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Open Redirects

In this post I’ll discuss an issue I tackled a short while ago – open redirects. But first, the story of how I got to it. Feel free to skip ahead to the technical discussion. Background Our analytics for … Continue reading

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Privacy mode not so private

I like my privacy. I also prefer to keep my information secure. I might be a bit more paranoid than the rest, but not extremely so. A short while ago, I discovered something disturbing regarding Firefox. It seems to be … Continue reading

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Threat analysis, security by obscurity and WordPress

  Image by Mykl Roventine I’ve been running wordpress for a long time now, and luckily so far, it hasn’t been hacked. Of course – this doesn’t prove anything, as I didn’t count hacking attempts. It also doesn’t show it’s unhackable … Continue reading

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Breaking Rapidshare's Annoying Captcha the Easy Way

Like many others, I got stuck in front of Rapidshare’s captcha. After more than five attempts at reading different letters with kittens and other critters hidden behind them, I was thinking of giving up. Especially because each time I failed … Continue reading

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Short Story: First Hit, Last Hit

I decided to try something a little bit different, and publish a short story I wrote. I’ll be glad to read any comments you might have on the subject, or the story itself. I might upload some more stories to … Continue reading

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Troubles with Wild Themes

Some time ago, I wrote that I was planning on using a new theme for this blog. To do this, I first looked for possible candidates on, and then started to adapt the one I liked. However, while working … Continue reading

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Browser visibility-security and invisibility-insecurity

Formal languages have a knack of giving some output, and then later doing something completely different. For example, take the “Halting Problem“, but this is probably too theoretical to be of any relevance… so read on for something a bit … Continue reading

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"Where is Waldo?", or "Security by Origami"

The Problem A friend of mine gave me a riddle this morning regarding “Where’s Waldo?”. The riddle is as follows: You and a friend play “Where’s Waldo?”. You solve the puzzle before your friend, and you want to prove to … Continue reading

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