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5 Tips for more effective logging

Logging is a critical part of every serious project. If logging is not important in your project – you’re probably doing logging wrong. Here are a few lessons I learned over the years running multiple projects. 1 – Reserve ERROR … Continue reading

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QA by Child

I recently published a home project I was working on, an app to teach children to read Hebrew. I wrote it originally to help my son learn to read Hebrew. In an early version my son was very excited to … Continue reading

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LearnLang – a small chrome extension for learning the German cases

I’ve been learning German for quite some time now. Some months ago, it came to the point where I was stuck – in order to progress I had to learn the German cases by heart. It’s not a lot of … Continue reading

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Writing a pandemic simulation

Over the last weekend I felt like programming something fun and easy, so I thought, why not write yet another pandemic/epidemic simulation. So between helping a crying child and preparing lunch, I created simpandemic. It’s small, simplistic, but easy to … Continue reading

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How I learned to stop worrying and actually use StackOverflow

So apparently almost all of the developers in the world are using stackoverflow. However many developers just use StackOverflow to lookup answers, and rarely to ask their own questions. Answering other people’s questions is of course rarer still. Up until … Continue reading

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Back to writing

So apparently my last blog post was from 2012. That’s quite a bit of time. Since then I’ve: Had a son Sold my startup Desti to HERE Moved with my family to Boston Moved back to Israel, join Cymmetria, first … Continue reading

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Starting from Scratch – Part 1

About a month ago, someone I met asked me if I could give him C programming lessons. To protect his privacy I won’t talk about him much, besides saying that he is a serious guy and he doesn’t know programming … Continue reading

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Fractal Memory Usage and a Big Number

In a previous post I said I’d talk about 4**(4**(4**4)). First, about the number. I first saw it mentioned in a math lesson back in high-school, when the teacher wanted to demonstrate estimation abilities. He wrote it on the board, … Continue reading

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My Bad Memory, High Load, and Python

About a month ago the new Ubuntu 8.04 was released and I wanted a clean install. I downloaded an image and burned it to a CD. Just before installing, I tried “check CD for defects” and found a few. Turns … Continue reading

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