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The C Programming language

Starting from Scratch – Part 1

About a month ago, someone I met asked me if I could give him C programming lessons. To protect his privacy I won’t talk about him much, besides saying that he is a serious guy and he doesn’t know programming … Continue reading

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Exception handling policy – use module exception hierarchies

While programming some bigger projects, and not some home-brew script, I used to wonder what to do with exceptions coming from lower level and library modules. The ‘home script’ approach to exceptions is “let it rise” – usually because it … Continue reading

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"Fnord" or "The evil empire cheerfuly striked back at the merry-colored pretty princess"

One of my favorite exercises for young programmers is the following (widely known program): Write a program that will read lists of words from the following files: verbs.txt – contains verb, the others are respectively – nouns.txt, adverbs.txt, and adjectives.txt. … Continue reading

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