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Small programming challenge No. 6 – nblocks

I came up with this challenge when I had to write a function to divide a sequence to percentiles. I needed this to calculate some statistics over trips for “This sounds trivial” I thought, and reached for my simple … Continue reading

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The mathematics behind the solution for Challenge No. 5

If you take a look at the various solutions people proposed for the last challenge of generating a specific permutation, you’ll see that they are very similar. Most of them are based on some form of div-mod usage. The reason … Continue reading

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Small Programming Challenge no. 5 – Generating a Permutation

I thought of this one quite a long time ago, and I believe that the idea behind it is pretty nice mathematically. I got the idea for it from Knuth’s “The Art of Computer Programming”. The challenge is simple: write … Continue reading

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My solution to the counting sets challenge

A few days ago, I wrote up a challenge – to count the number of sets a given set is contained in. In the comments, I touched briefly on the original problem from which the challenge was created, and I’ll … Continue reading

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Small Python Challenge No. 4 – Counting Sets

This is a problem that I encountered a short while ago. It seems like it could be easily solved very efficiently, but it’s not as easy as it looks. Let’s say that we are given N (finite) sets of integers … Continue reading

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Some Assembly Required No. 1

I’ve been working on some of the instruction tests in vial, and I wanted to test the implementation of LOOP variants. My objective was to make sure the vial version is identical to the real CPU version (as discussed here). … Continue reading

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Small Python Challenge No. 3 – Random Selection

This time I’ll give two related problems, both not too hard. Lets warm up with the first: You have a mapping between items and probabilities. You need to choose each item with its probability. For example, consider the items [‘good’, … Continue reading

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LRU cache solution: a case for linked lists in Python

The reason I put up the LRU cache challenge up, was that I couldn’t think of a good solution to the problem without using linked lists. This has been pointed to by Adam and Erez as well. Adam commented on … Continue reading

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Top 13 challenge sites

Statusreport in his new blog Ingeration has compiled a list of top challenge sites. I must admit, I already knew some of them in the past and he also told me about some of them earlier. Still, this time around … Continue reading

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Small Python Challenge No. 2 – LRU Cache

Caching is easy. Consider the cache I used to optimize the recursive spring: class _NotInDict(object): pass _NotInDict = _NotInDict() def cached(func): cache = {} def wrapper_func(*args): prev_result = cache.get(args, _NotInDict) if prev_result is _NotInDict: result = func(*args) cache[args] = result … Continue reading

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