Back to writing

So apparently my last blog post was from 2012. That’s quite a bit of time.

flytrex drone

Since then I’ve:

  • Had a son
  • Sold my startup Desti to HERE
  • Moved with my family to Boston
  • Moved back to Israel, join Cymmetria, first as VP R&D and later as CTO
  • Had another son
  • Left Cymmetria and joined Flytrex as VP R&D

It’s not a long list, but it covers a lot of ground. Right now, Corona virus notwithstanding, I’m pretty excited about the work we do at Flytrex: we’re building a system for food delivery via autonomous drones.

Here is a short video that shows what we’re working on:

The video is by now 11 months old and the system changed a lot since then, and our main challenge right now is getting this system working in the USA.

Learning from my experience, I want to start writing regularly. To achieve that, while I will write mostly about programming, I will also write about other areas of interest. Let’s see where this new adventure takes us. Onwards!

Origami Personal

Exam is Done

A few hours ago, I had my exam in functional analysis. This should be the last exam for the semester.
Now I should have more time for my projects.

Currently on my radar: a startup, diStorm, and maybe a website. Of course, I expect the startup to eat a lot of my time. For now I’ll just have to see how it goes.

On another subject, I wanted to show instructions for the origrami lottery-spider. It turns out that this fold is modular in the sense that a piece of 1:n paper generates a critter with n+1 pairs of legs.
Here’s a proof of concept with a ratio of 1:8 (click for a larger version):

origami caterpillar

I’ll be making the instructions as soon as I get new batteries for my camera, and some spare time. (The caterpillar ate my batteries, along with my functional analysis books.)