Origami Personal

A new origami fold: Squirrel

Finally, got my computer hooked up to the ‘net, and I’m almost finished with moving. Yipee.

This fold was actually the first fold I did that had four limbs and actually resembled something. Although the proportions are not the best I still like this fold. It is not really complicated, and once you get the trick of the wings, you can get to it from the bird base quite easily. The same technique is also very useful for creating other four legged creatures (some of which I will also show).

A finished squirrel

(click on the image for folding instructions).

Math Origami

A new fold on the origami page: Qua Qua Egg

In Israel, we have a fold we call ‘qua-qua-de-la-oma” or for short, “qua-qua”. I believe in english it is called a ‘color changer’, but I’m not sure of that. In any case, this fold yields a 3D shape similar to two connected tetrahedrons. (It is only similar because the shape is not completely symmetric). I couldn’t find a name for this shape, and since the same fold yields a qua-qua, I called it a qua-qua-egg. This fold is very useful as a makeshift ball to throw around the office.

Origami Qua-Qua-Egg