Ubuntu – small nuisances

It’s been more than a year since I switched to Ubuntu, and so far I’m happy. Apart from some small details, the experience has been very good.
I didn’t yet get a chance to use Openoffice. A few months ago I found myself needing to create a small table for some homework, and thought, hey, I could use Excel, Openoffice Spreadsheet. Well, that didn’t quite work out. At first I just wanted to write some simple equation so I clicked the fx button… but it crashed. A lot. Getting burned, I decided that I’ll try it again only after the next release.
The only big document I’ve written so far was with Kile and Latex, and I’ve been very pleased with the result.
Another thing: some games crash. I’m not talking about games with Wine, but your regular Linux games, like Nexuiz. I don’t mind the games crashing that much though, it happens rarely enough. What I do mind is that after crashing, X doesn’t restore the original resolution, and there is no ‘easy gui’ way to do so apart from ctrl-alt-backspace. However, this combination which restarts X, also kills my running applications, which isn’t very nice.
After some Googling I came up with the solution, the nice little command xrandr. Worked like a hack charm.

Another annoying bit is the clipboard. It works quite fine – I can copy from the Firefox address bar, and paste in gedit. However, after I close Firefox, the text copied is no longer available! Took me a couple of times to figure out what happened, and that it wasn’t just me ‘pressing the wrong keys’…

All in all, these aren’t that troublesome. As I said, I’m quite happy with Ubuntu, and I’m not going back to Windows any time soon.