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Two bugs don’t make a right

While working on my new startup, we are doing a little bit of reasoning using implications. One of the more curious forms of implications is the negative form: consider the following exaggerated example: a place being kid-friendly implies that it … Continue reading

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A Simple Race-Condition

Lately, I’ve mostly been working on my startup. It’s a web-application, and one of the first things I’ve written was a cache mechanism for some lengthy operations. Yesterday, I found a classic race-condition in that module. I won’t present the … Continue reading

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Debugging in IE.

I did something I shouldn’t have done: from JavaScript, I appendChildNodes()-ed some text and an img to an existing img. I apologize. Firefox told me it was OK. To put it more accurately, Firefox didn’t tell me anything, and just … Continue reading

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You know you need to install a new Python version when…

>>> import decimal >>> decimal.Decimal(’0.2’) <&nbsp; 0.3 False >>>>>> import decimal >>> decimal.Decimal(‘0.2’) <&nbsp; 0.3 False >>> This little gem took me two hours to track down. It turns out that since my code is using sqlobject, it also uses … Continue reading

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Mochikit Drag&Drop Corner Case

I found myself working again on the UI for my startup. As my Javascript library, I use Mochikit. One of the reasons for that is that it’s the Turbogears builtin, and I came to like it. The other is that … Continue reading

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Fat Spider

Remember them two bugs? I was playing with that fold the other day, and with a little squeezing I came up with this critter: Read on for the full instructions.

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New origami bug fold

While playing a little bit with paper, I started playing with the water bomb base. I then moved into the frog-base (I think) whice has some potential for bugs: 4 long limbs, elongated body, and four shorter flaps. Here are … Continue reading

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Origami section added

I wanted to add this section for quite some time now. There are a few foldings I created, which I wanted to put online. Now the first page is ready. I also wanted to create the web-page myself, so I … Continue reading

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