A simple script that allows to create classes for integers and polynomials over Zp.

This time, example usage using IPython

In [8]: import zpint
In [9]: x1 = zpint.z5poly([2,0,0,0,0,1])
In [10]: x2 = zpint.z5poly([2,1])
In [11]: x1/x2 == x2**4
Out[11]: True
In [12]: x1
Out[12]: 2mod5*x^0 + 0mod5*x^1 + 0mod5*x^2 + 0mod5*x^3 + 0mod5*x^4 + 1mod5*x^5
In [13]: x2
Out[13]: 2mod5*x^0 + 1mod5*x^1

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