PNG Minification

Following Ned Batchelder’s advice I’ve used pngout to minify the png’s on my startup’s web page.

It took them down from 641,281 bytes to 338,705. This is quite a nice return for the effort of a download and a single command line:

for %i in (*.png) do pngout “%i”

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4 Responses to PNG Minification

  1. Erez says:

    Yes, but now it’s a little blurry


  2. lorg says:

    It’s blurry only because it’s downloading so fast ;)

    Seriously now:
    pngout is loss-less, and tries to find the minimal png that still preserves all original pixels.

  3. rouli says:

    finally found your startup’s site (you should really have a link over here).
    Great idea, good luck!

  4. lorg says:

    Well, we’re still not publishing it, but the link is coming very soon :)

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