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Parallel Python

I’ve often desired a good transparent solution for “automated” distributed programming. This module seems to be quite useful a solution. With automatic detection of the number of available processors, works over networks and the usual Python ease of use, seems like a really good candidate.

Better Programming By Programming Better

That’s an interesting post, with even more links to other good reading material. I’ve often found that a good programmer is one that programs at home, out of interest, fun or whatnot. It is the kind of guy that will get a good feeling from finally getting some program to work and seeing the results, or from writing a very elegant piece of code, or maybe writing some really optimized assembly chunk. For me, it is usually just getting something to work. When I see something that I wrote produce a tangible result – well, this is one of the best. As a result of that, when I try to estimate how serious a programmer someone is, I usually ask, “What is your home project?”, or “What did you enjoy writing?”.

Bit Twiddling

A lot of games with bits. Wholesome fun for you and the family!

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