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Finally, I’m after the test in complex functions. Not that it went as well as I wanted, but hey, you can’t have it all. Maybe gonna try again sometime later. In the meantime, I got this “today is the first day of the rest of your life” feeling. After finishing with my previous work, and the previous semester, I’m going to move to Haifa (with my girlfriend) in less than a month, start the next (and last) semester soon, and also start real work on some real projects (one of those being diStorm). Here’s to starting and ending things.

On the flipside, after finishing the test, I had some testing issues to work out. See – let’s say you got a piece of code you change. Well, the obvious thing to do is make sure it works. It is also good to find all the places that reference that piece of code, and make sure these are updated, and test those as well. It is even better if you also have some unit-testing code available (built using the easy-to-use unittest module). It’s even better if your test code actually checks the relevant pieces of code.

But alas, it can all fail due to human stupidity. In that particular instance, mine. After all this work, not running the damn unit-test code is just plain stupid. So, I hope I’ve learned my lesson. Again. Never commit untested code.

And while we are on the subject of testing, check out, over at Ned Batchelder’s place (I also happen to read and like his blog). Coverage is an excellent tool to improve your test code. Just run your test code with, likewise: -x

and then run: -r

and get some nice looking, informative results:

Name                                        Stmts   Exec  Cover
exptree                                        65     33    50%
exputils                                       85     48    56%
template_gen                                  100     67    67%
test_exputils                                  41     41   100%

Excellent. You can also get an annotated version of the source, telling you which line was run, and which wasn’t. It just doesn’t get anymore useful then that. So happy testing. I hope you fare better then me.

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