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Misc. Projects: a preview for the new (academical) year

So now it’s been too long since I’ve written a post, and that’s mostly because I haven’t been programming lately, as I’ve been busy with buying a car\moving\studying. This is going to change now that I’m finally settling in.

There are however few directions I’m going to go about, and I’d like to mention them here. If you are interested in reading more about any of them, just drop me a line in the comments, and that direction will get a bit more attention.

The first direction (and the most serious one) is a website I’m building. I’ll still not talk about the website itself, at least until a beta version is done, but I will say I’m doing it with TurboGears. I’ve always looked for a good Python framework for writing websites, and for now, TurboGears seems to do the trick, although I’m just starting with it. I am going to write a little bit about my experience with TurboGears, and my opinions. Stay tuned.

Another subject that I thought of writing about is a small tank game I wrote with pygame. This game actually works, although I didn’t do the finish. I intended to make it multi player (over the ‘net) but then found out that it is really not that simple. So I intend to work it out sometime in the future, and write about it. For now, I will say a few words about the game. It started when a friend of mine said that he wanted some simple tank game for one-on-one games, with some certain behaviors (such as bullets ricocheting off walls). I heard him talking about it, and told him, “hey, that’s really simple, I can do that”, so I went home, and during five days, one hour a day, I worked it out. That was an interesting experience in itself. Maybe I’ll write a little about that as well.

Other small projects I’ve been working on include doing some more IMDB mining (which I started to talk about), and maybe expanding that to as well. One thing I find missing in Amarok, is choosing music according to musical relations between singers and bands. Maybe I’ll even write a plugin :)

Some other ideas I had include 3d l-strings. I actually implemented those, but to my disappointment, they didn’t turn out as aesthetically pleasing as I’d hoped. Still, it was a curious result (with PyOpenGL doing the drawing). I wanted to implement more simple fractals. I’ll probably write more of those when I break from writing more serious projects. Other small ideas I had include more ascii-art, for example, ascii-art drawing of some vector image format seems very interesting, or maybe a 3d engine (maybe with cell-shading) which renders the result in ascii-art, and then writing an FPS with it… The options are endless!

All of this of course if I have the time when I’m not working on one of the other current projects, which include distorm, and my studies. Among the courses I’m taking there is a seminar on graph algorithms, a course in compilation and a course in cryptography.

This is going to be a very interesting year indeed!

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From my experience, Django is a very good framework and is easier to use than TurboGears, however it limits you much more in the flexibility and power of your web application.
TurboGears allows you to create a much more complicated and flexible application, with only a slightly larger overhead and learning time.

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