Stuff I folded while compiling…

Usually, I have tons of spare paper around. It comes with the job (student, programmer). I also like to fold. So when I’m thinking\resting\doing anything, I usually pick up a piece of paper, and start folding. This time, while doing compilation homework, I came up with two nice folds. Problem is, I don’t remember the way to fold them. If I want to find out, I’ll have to reverse engineer my own fold. That actually happens quite a lot to me. Maybe I’ll just open them and try to solve them as a crease pattern… It’s about time I learned how to do that.

Of course, anything I fold doesn’t really look as good as anything by ‘the masters’. Still it’s fun to fold.

Here are the results, a rhino, and something that looks remotely like the road-runner:

An origami rhinoAn origami road runner

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lol imri, absent mindedly coding some crazy algo and then losing the source… thing is when you reverse code, you don’t harm the app itself. in folding you might screw it forever ;)

It does have the right shape… Alas! I believe velociraptors have ‘hands’. Or at least something very similar to hands… Now that you mention it, I’ll try to fold one, with all limbs in place. Thanks!

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