Origami Rhino Instructions

Finally, here are the instructions for the rhino. I found out it is not a clean fold – the ending does not fold neatly. It is also not an easy fold, and it takes some work to get done.
That said, have fun with it, the end result does look OK.

Origami Rhino

Read on for the full instructions.

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Origami Rhino

Start with a square piece of paper, preferably gray. We’ll start with the prep-work, there’s a lot of pre-creasing to do before we get the rhino done.
Origami Rhino Fold the horizontal and vertical folds.
Origami Rhino Fold the diagonal folds. (Note the directions of mountain\valley folds.)
Origami Rhino Turn the paper over and fold the corners inside. They should fit together to form a square.
Origami Rhino Open the last fold, and for each corner, fold as shown. The edges of the paper should fit along the diagonal.
Origami Rhino While the last step was done four times for each corner, this one is for each side. The edges of the paper should fit along the corner folds from step four. Note that in this picture only two sides are folded. Unfold these, and fold again for the other two sides.
Origami Rhino Now we’re ready to start the actual body. Fold two horizontal lines so that the edges of the paper fit with the middle horizontal fold. This step should divide the paper into four equivalent parts.
Origami Rhino For each edge (there are four), fold the corners inside. Note the angle of the fold. The fold uses the creases of steps 5 and 6.
Origami Rhino Open the center fold, and fold one side backwards.
Origami Rhino This is a complicated part, and I’ve taken several pictures to illustrate it. For the side we folded back, we created two flaps (shown in the previous step). Pinch those along the pre-creases. You’ll have to invert along the diagonal creases.
Origami Rhino From the side, it should look like this. Note the diagonal fold that was inverted. To finish this step, fold the newly created flaps downwards. Between the back-edges of both flaps, you should fold a horizontal line. (It is parallel to the fold of step 9.).
Origami Rhino The final resulting shape is this. We just created the two hind legs of the rhino.
Origami Rhino Turn the paper over, and fold backwards. The folding line should match the base of the legs, so that the fold from step 9 will keep being on the edge.
Origami Rhino Turn the paper over. Now, open the undersides of the fold, and align them with the middle. Note that this is the first step where the fold does not align neatly. You’ll have to force it a little bit.
Origami Rhino We will now create the basis of the forelegs. Fold backwards along the existing pre-crease. Note that this is also the diagonal. You’ll have to settle the fold going above it. The picture shows only one side done. Do this for both.
Origami Rhino This is a bit of a complicated part, again the fold does not match neatly. Fold to create forelegs, while pushing the middle fold downwards. The fold for the forelegs should go from their edges to the folded square of the hind-parts. The next picture shows the same step from the side.
Origami Rhino Note the forelegs are pointing forwards, while the soon to be head is pointing downwards.
Origami Rhino For each side of the head, fold along the center of the head, thus pointing the forelegs downwards. Because previous folds didn’t match neatly, you’ll end up with a bit of spare paper (that will make folding it a bit harder). Tuck this paper behind the legs. Also, change the angles of the legs as required.
Origami Rhino To finish up, fold the inside of the legs to flatten them, create the horn on the nose, and you’re done.

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Interesting approach, helps me understand something I was trying in another different creation.


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