Origami Pig Instructions

I took some time to create the instructions for this one:

Origami Pig

Read on for the full instructions.

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Origami Pig

Start with a square piece of an appropriately pink paper, and fold it in the middle.
Origami Pig Fold two more folds to divide the paper to vertical quarters.
Origami Pig On each side of the two new mountain folds, fold to the inside, creating 90 degrees triangles.
Origami Pig Do so for both sides. After you finish, it should look like this (but a little less fuzzy :).
Origami Pig After the last fold, we created four flaps. These will be the legs, fold them the other direction, as shown.
Origami Pig For each of the four future legs – fold up, unfold, and fold down and unfold again. In the picture you can see two legs – one is folded up, and the other down.
Origami Pig After the pre-creasing of the previous step, pinch flap to create the lag. Use the pre-creases to give it shape. This is very similar to the legs of the origami bug.
Origami Pig After preparing all four legs, it should look like this. (Again, less fuzzy :).
Origami Pig Open up in the middle, and fold inside.
Origami Pig Close, and fold inside the other side to create the shape of the head.
Origami Pig Reverse fold the soon-to-be tail.
Origami Pig Reverse fold the tail again, so it ‘sticks’ outside of the body.
Origami Pig Fold the top edges of the body inside, in stick them inside the space created by the tail fold.
Origami Pig Fold the rest of the upper part of the body to give it shape.
Origami Pig And there you have it.

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