New origami bug fold

While playing a little bit with paper, I started playing with the water bomb base. I then moved into the frog-base (I think) whice has some potential for bugs: 4 long limbs, elongated body, and four shorter flaps.

Here are the results:

These two critters look moderately bug-like. Note that the left one has these two fins at the side – those are two of the flaps. One other is the head.

I had another piece of paper which is now fubar (folded up beyond all recognition) of the same fold, which resembled a human being. I’ll probably be playing with this fold some more, while looking for minimum cuts (in graphs) and writing a compiler (for cpl).

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2 Responses to New origami bug fold

  1. rob says:

    That’s some nice critter folding there
    I was wondering if you have a picture showing me how to fold one for myself step by step.
    would be great cuz i realy like ll that origami stuff :)
    get back to me if u want & congrats on the folds


  2. lorg says:

    I wrote the instructions for the “fat spider”, which is based on this fold.
    Check it out:

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