Fat Spider

Remember them two bugs? I was playing with that fold the other day, and with a little squeezing I came up with this critter:

Origami fat_spider

Read on for the full instructions.

Click on the images to enlarge.

Origami fat_spider

1. We’ll start with a black square piece of paper.
Origami fat_spider 2. Fold the horizontal and vertical folds. Note the direction of the folds, to make sure the spider comes out colored.
Origami fat_spider 3. Fold the diagonal folds.
Origami fat_spider 4. Create this regular base (I forgot the name) by folding inside.
Origami fat_spider 5. We’ll start folding the limbs the usual way. for each flap fold it up, unfold, and fold it down. In the picture two folded flaps are shown. The right one is up, and the other is down.
Origami fat_spider 6. Precrease each flap as shown. The line goes from the corner to the intersection of the two previous folds.
Origami fat_spider 7. Open up the flap as shown.
Origami fat_spider 8. Fold the edges inside along the precrease created on step 6. In this picture one edge is folded and the other is not.
Origami fat_spider 9. Fold the other edge as well.
Origami fat_spider 10. Close the flap back, and repeat the process for each of the other flaps.
Origami fat_spider 11. Here it is shown after another flap was folded.
Origami fat_spider 12. This is how it should look after all four flaps were folded.
Origami fat_spider 13. Precrease the top of the fold. Fold it in both directions.
Origami fat_spider 14. Open the fold between two side flaps, and the small extra flap up. Repeat this for the other side as well. (This should be repeat twice, and not four times)
Origami fat_spider 15. Open up one of the flaps, and fold the edges inside as shown.
Origami fat_spider 16. Close
Origami fat_spider 17. Repeat the two previous steps for each flap.
Origami fat_spider 18. Now prepare the limbs. One pair of limbs should be reverse folded to the sides. The other pair should be just folded back. In the picture the bottom pair is folded to the sides, and one limb from the upper pair is folded back.
Origami fat_spider 19. Turn the fold over, and reverse fold the front limbs. (The ones pointing to the sides.)
Origami fat_spider 20. Open one of the sides, and precrease as shown. Do this for the other side as well.
Origami fat_spider 21. Squish the op inside. This is a bit complicated. You can use a closed pen from the inside to straighten it a bit.
Origami fat_spider 22. Squish down between the ‘head’ and the stomach. Reverse fold the back legs twice to give them shape.
Origami fat_spider 23. Fix the stomach a bit to finish up. I’m not too good at it myself, as it takes a little practice.
Origami fat_spider 24. And it’s done!

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