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How to Write a Spelling Corrector

This was a very interesting article, with some interesting python code, and a good mathematical explanation. I enjoyed reading it. I got to it through, which appeared on Daily-Python.

Robert Lang’s Origami Page

Fascinating page. A few months ago I was getting back to doing some Origami (it is a good relaxation method, also helps your wrists after typing too much :). I was trying to find ways to create origami creatures with more then two limbs, a head, and a tail, and I was fascinated by pictures of origami foldings of intricate creatures with many limbs, such as spiders and dinosaurs. I was also trying to formulate for myself some of the mathematical laws for origami. So I started to look into the subject and found out about crease patterns, and among many other sites, I got to Robert Lang’s site. The subjects he writes about are very diverse – and include using ‘origami knowledge’ to fold airbags, a program to create complicated crease patterns, an origami simulator (something I wanted to write myself :), and so on. Really, a fascinating read.

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