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Fibonacci meals

Lately I’ve been reminded of the existence of Fibonacci meals. For a long time, I despised those, but now that I’m preparing my own food most of the time, I’m aiming for them, to save time cooking.

A Fibonacci meal is an element of a sequence defined to be:

a(0) = some food
a(1) = some food
a(n) = a(n-1) + (a(n-2) as sauce)

Very simple, and very effective. You can find those in various places, such as camps, school cafeteria, etc…

Generally this sequence does not converge, however there is a special case for cakes and desserts:

c(0) = some cake or dessert
c(1) = some cake or dessert
c(n) = c(n-1) + (c(n-2) as icing)

This sequence does converge, to the chocolate ball. (in Wikipedia, Chokladboll).

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