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Python Gotchas No. 2: Garbage Collection Oddities

Python is a garbage collected language. The garbage collector will collect orphaned objects. These are objects that have no references. If an object has a __del__ method, it will be called when that object is collected. Note however, that there … Continue reading

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PyWeb-IL presentation: Advanced subjects in Python

Yesterday I gave a presentation at PyWeb-IL, which took place at Google’s offices in Tel-Aviv. The presentation went really well, and interested many people. Here are the slides for the presentation, “Advanced Python Subjects”.

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PythonTurtle delivers!

A few days ago, a coworker asked me what tool he should use to teach another non-programming coworker some programming. I thought a little, and suggested PythonTurtle, and then also demonstrated the builtin turtle. I thought nothing much of it, … Continue reading

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Python Gotchas 1: __del__ is not the opposite of __init__

After discussing my last post with a friend and talking about a few other issues, we came to the conclusion that it would be worthwhile to discuss more gotchas. First though, what is a gotcha? Wikipedia gives a good definition: … Continue reading

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GeneratorExit: another reason to upgrade to Python 2.6

Ever heard of GeneratorExit? Unless you write generators, and do some unusual stuff with them, you probably haven’t encountered it. GeneratorExit is a special exception that gets raised from within a generator when it is close()-ed. For example, consider the … Continue reading

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Fast Peak Autocorrelation

So, I was at geekcon. It was a blast. There were many interesting projects, and I didn’t get to play with them all. I did get to work a bit on the Lunar Lander from last year, and this year … Continue reading

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Preparing PyImprov for GeekCon on Friday

A long long time ago, I wrote Pytuner. It was one of the first projects I published on this website. For a long time it just sat there, doing nothing, while the library it’s based on – PyMedia, wasn’t being … Continue reading

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My Startup –

I’ve been waiting for this blog post for more than a year now. This is my startup, If you want, go there first, form an opinion, and then get back here, I’ll wait :) As you can tell, … Continue reading

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