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Breaking Rapidshare's Annoying Captcha the Easy Way

Like many others, I got stuck in front of Rapidshare’s captcha. After more than five attempts at reading different letters with kittens and other critters hidden behind them, I was thinking of giving up. Especially because each time I failed … Continue reading

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Fat Spider

Remember them two bugs? I was playing with that fold the other day, and with a little squeezing I came up with this critter: Read on for the full instructions.

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Python + Curses + Numpy -> Ascii Art Rotating Cube

Well, the title says it all, or at least most of it. If you are still not convinced, a picture’s worth 500 dwords: / |\ / | \ / | \ // | \\ / | \ / \ \ … Continue reading

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Some Assembly Required No. 1

I’ve been working on some of the instruction tests in vial, and I wanted to test the implementation of LOOP variants. My objective was to make sure the vial version is identical to the real CPU version (as discussed here). … Continue reading

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Python Tidbits

Memory Leaks With the advent of the Python’s garbage collector, it would seem that Python programs should not leak memory. However, this is not always the case. With just a bit of circular references, you can find yourself leaking quite … Continue reading

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Issues in writing a VM – Part 3 – State and Memory

When implementing the VM, I had to keep track of state. The state of the VM includes the registers, virtual variables and memory. Fortunately, keeping track of state information is pretty easy. Basically, it amounts to having a dict, where … Continue reading

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First Code Transformation: Removing Flag Computations

Short introduction to code transformations If you intend to write a decompiler, you’ll find yourself writing code transformations. In our context, code transformations are operations that take as input an expression tree, and return an equivalent but different expression tree. … Continue reading

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Exam is Done

A few hours ago, I had my exam in functional analysis. This should be the last exam for the semester. Now I should have more time for my projects. Currently on my radar: a startup, diStorm, and maybe a website. … Continue reading

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Short Story: First Hit, Last Hit

I decided to try something a little bit different, and publish a short story I wrote. I’ll be glad to read any comments you might have on the subject, or the story itself. I might upload some more stories to … Continue reading

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