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Fibonacci meals

Lately I’ve been reminded of the existence of Fibonacci meals. For a long time, I despised those, but now that I’m preparing my own food most of the time, I’m aiming for them, to save time cooking. A Fibonacci meal … Continue reading

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I fold

Just some general stuff I folded while working. A pig, a sphinx, and a six legged thing. The question still remains, what’s easier, the sphinx or the pig. Both are really simple folds. I reckon the sphinx is easier. However, … Continue reading

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Elegant Line Clipping Algorithm

I actually wrote about that a long time ago, in the wiki that once was Since the wiki is long gone, and I figured this is a very elegant algorithm, I decided I should write about it. First, some … Continue reading

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Python module usage statistics – Cont.

Well, very embarrassingly for me, turns out I had a bug in my original post and code. As per Doug’s suggestion, I tried running the script I wrote on the standard library, and got results I didn’t quite believe. So … Continue reading

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Python module usage statistics

IMPORTANT UPDATE: The code I used to create these statistics had some bugs. The fixed statistics are available here. After reading Doug Hellman’s post about python stdlib modules he needs the documentation to, I commented there that I need the … Continue reading

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Stuff I folded while compiling…

Usually, I have tons of spare paper around. It comes with the job (student, programmer). I also like to fold. So when I’m thinking\resting\doing anything, I usually pick up a piece of paper, and start folding. This time, while doing … Continue reading

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Simple word lookup for crosswords and such…

I am swamped with university homework. I did manage to come up with some small somewhat useful utility. Do you know when you need a word that ends with a double letter and then an ‘n’? you would want to … Continue reading

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Facebook and Privacy

So I’ve got a profile on Facebook. A friend invited me there.  So what is there to say about Facebook that hasn’t been said already? Well, I’ll start with what people have probably already said. It is very much a … Continue reading

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