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Pagerank recommends movies

So how was your Yom Kippur? After Yom Kippur ended, I sat down to write something that was nagging me for quite some time. I wanted to see what pagerank had to say about movies. I’ve always liked to picture … Continue reading

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Testing, 1 2 3, Testing

Finally, I’m after the test in complex functions. Not that it went as well as I wanted, but hey, you can’t have it all. Maybe gonna try again sometime later. In the meantime, I got this “today is the first … Continue reading

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Small Python Utility Functions

While working with Gil Dabach on Distorm3, I found out that I’ve been missing a lot of utility functions. I’m going to write about some of them now. def classify_to_dict(seq, key_func): result = {} for item in seq: key = … Continue reading

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