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A new fold on the origami page: Qua Qua Egg

In Israel, we have a fold we call ‘qua-qua-de-la-oma” or for short, “qua-qua”. I believe in english it is called a ‘color changer’, but I’m not sure of that. In any case, this fold yields a 3D shape similar to … Continue reading

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Small Python Challenge No. 1

I bet I already wrote that sometime earlier, but I found myself today writing the following function: def blocks(seq, block_len): “””blocks(range(5),2) -> [[0, 1], [2, 3], [4]]””” seq_len = len(seq) if seq_len%block_len == 0: num_blocks = seq_len/block_len else: num_blocks = … Continue reading

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Origami section added

I wanted to add this section for quite some time now. There are a few foldings I created, which I wanted to put online. Now the first page is ready. I also wanted to create the web-page myself, so I … Continue reading

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Understanding the Nyquist Limit

The Nyquist Limit of half the sampling rate, often seemed to me as a ‘magical limit’. After I read the proof I understood it better, and the graphical representation of the overlapping spectra (also seen on the wikipedia page of … Continue reading

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Zen Programming – 2

I thought about this a long time ago with Erez: To fully grasp structured control flow – you must first learn to program without it. Saw it happen, with myself and with others. Only after writing some hand-written conditionals and … Continue reading

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A quick note on fonts and Ubuntu

It has been about half a year since I switched to Ubuntu as my main working environment (longer article on the subject is upcoming, sometime in the future). The hardest part for me was getting back to programming productivity. Strangely … Continue reading

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Putting the keyboard in the dishwasher – it works

After reading about it in several places, I wanted to try it too. I have some keyboards at my parents’ house, and these were really nasty. So nasty in fact, that they were not used. So, there was no real … Continue reading

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Browser visibility-security and invisibility-insecurity

Formal languages have a knack of giving some output, and then later doing something completely different. For example, take the “Halting Problem“, but this is probably too theoretical to be of any relevance… so read on for something a bit … Continue reading

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How PyTuner works

PyTuner is really quite simple. Here is the outline of the algorithm behind it: Record audio data with pymedia. Compute the FFT of the audio data – now we have the strength of each frequency in the sample. Find peaks … Continue reading

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