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"Where is Waldo?", or "Security by Origami"

The Problem A friend of mine gave me a riddle this morning regarding “Where’s Waldo?”. The riddle is as follows: You and a friend play “Where’s Waldo?”. You solve the puzzle before your friend, and you want to prove to … Continue reading

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Reachability on arbitrary maps

The other day I had an idea. What if you took a map of some country, and from each coordinate computed the time it took to any other coordinate. The basic assumptions are that you can drive on road by … Continue reading

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Python bug in __getslice__

While working with Python, a co-worker found a puzzling behavior… He couldn’t get correct slices on an object he created. After puzzling over the problem, we found out the problem – __getslice__ seems to change its arguments: in a 32 … Continue reading

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Fantasy books for programmers

I read these two books some years ago, before I was in high school. The concept really appealed to me. For fear of spoilers, I will not say much, suffice it to say reading the books gave me a different … Continue reading

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Proofreading and what's wrong with the heapq module

Consider the following problem: you have a large book you would like to proofread, with many chapters (100+) and a few men (4) at your disposal. How would you distribute the chapters among the men, considering that each proofreader must … Continue reading

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Interesting links – 3

How to Write a Spelling Corrector This was a very interesting article, with some interesting python code, and a good mathematical explanation. I enjoyed reading it. I got to it through, which appeared on Daily-Python. Robert Lang’s Origami Page … Continue reading

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