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Interesting Links – 2

Anti-Patterns I first saw this term on The Daily WTF, in “Inner Platform Effect”. I quote: “They describe a frequently repeated problem in designing a commonly-occurring solution”. Recently I came upon them while going over wikipedia, and found that Anit-Patterns … Continue reading

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Zen Programming – 1

To achieve correctness of code, you must first realize that your code is incorrect. Too many times I’ve reviewed code that was written with only the obvious cases in mind. A small step towards writing better code is to think … Continue reading

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Interesting Links – 1

Parallel Python I’ve often desired a good transparent solution for “automated” distributed programming. This module seems to be quite useful a solution. With automatic detection of the number of available processors, works over networks and the usual Python ease of … Continue reading

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Default argument values in python are usually used in the following fashion: def func(foo, bar=4): return foo*bar However, if the default value for the function is a mutable object (such as a list), changing it will cause subsequent calls to … Continue reading

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New Blog

So I decided to start this new blog. Let’s see where it goes.

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