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Open Redirects

In this post I’ll discuss an issue I tackled a short while ago – open redirects. But first, the story of how I got to it. Feel free to skip ahead to the technical discussion. Background Our analytics for plnnr.com … Continue reading

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A Simple Race-Condition

Lately, I’ve mostly been working on my startup. It’s a web-application, and one of the first things I’ve written was a cache mechanism for some lengthy operations. Yesterday, I found a classic race-condition in that module. I won’t present the … Continue reading

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LStrings and ASCII-Plotter at UtilityMill.com

It seems Gregory is fond of ascii-art, as he took my scripts, and put them online at utilitymill.com. UtilityMill.com is a cool new website, which allows you to run scripts as small web applications. What Gregory actually did, with just … Continue reading

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