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Computing Large Determinants in Python

Story: For my seminar work, I had to calculate the determinant of a large integer matrix. In this case, large meant n>=500. You might say that this isn’t very large and I would agree. However, it is large enough to … Continue reading

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You know you need to install a new Python version when…

>>> import decimal >>> decimal.Decimal(’0.2′) <&nbsp; 0.3 False >>> This little gem took me two hours to track down. It turns out that since my code is using sqlobject, it also uses the decimal module. I had some constants set … Continue reading

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The Case Against Floating Point ==

While working on the clipping bug, I had to do some floating point comparisons. To handle this virtual mine-field, I used simple precision comparisons. Not surprisingly, I wanted to know what’s ‘the right way’ to do this in Python. When … Continue reading

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