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Back From the Dead

As you can see, the website is back online, and I hope it stays that way. Cheers go to Randy and James, for fixing the server. I’ve been doing various things lately, including work on Vial and various university tests. … Continue reading

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LStrings and ASCII-Plotter at UtilityMill.com

It seems Gregory is fond of ascii-art, as he took my scripts, and put them online at utilitymill.com. UtilityMill.com is a cool new website, which allows you to run scripts as small web applications. What Gregory actually did, with just … Continue reading

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Troubles with Wild Themes

Some time ago, I wrote that I was planning on using a new theme for this blog. To do this, I first looked for possible candidates on themes.wordpress.net, and then started to adapt the one I liked. However, while working … Continue reading

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New theme

I usually try to avoid meta posts, and I don’t like Ars Poetica. (Maybe I do like it in programs though, but only to a limited extent.) However, as you can probably see, I’ve updated the theme of the blog. … Continue reading

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