Preparing PyImprov for GeekCon on Friday

A long long time ago, I wrote Pytuner. It was one of the first projects I published on this website.
For a long time it just sat there, doing nothing, while the library it’s based on – PyMedia, wasn’t being maintained anymore, and PyTuner could only work on Python 2.4.

Enter GeekCon – GeekCon is a get together of people looking to work on their wildest fantasy projects – things that they don’t get do because of their regular work. Last yet I worked on a real life 3d lunar lander, and this year I thought I’d take the opportunity to work on PyImprov – my wild fantasy project.
The idea is simple – I’ll play some simple chords, and the script will improvise some blues solo. To that purpose, I wrote (also a long time ago) a chord recognizer. Now I’m missing a beat recognizer, and a simple improviser, which I plan to complete during the GeekCon weekend.

In preparation for the event, I’ve opened up a subversion repository for PyImprov on Assembla, and patched the scripts to work with PyAudio instead of PyMedia.

So, onwards to GeekCon, see you on the other side, with a guitar and a Python script in hand!

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3 Responses to Preparing PyImprov for GeekCon on Friday

  1. rmn says:

    Nice project!

    This GeekCon get-together looks very promising, how does one get invited for such a thing? Just out of curiosity.. :)

  2. lorg says:

    You get invited by answering the Call for projects ( ) before geekcon starts :)

  3. rmn says:

    Guess I’ll try next year :)

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