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Validating Flight Networks for Drones – part 1

At Flytrex, in order to ensure drones fly only where allowed, and do not collide with each other, they are allowed to fly only in preplanned paths. However, if our goal is to deliver food to backyards, we can’t have … Continue reading

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Fast Peak Autocorrelation

So, I was at geekcon. It was a blast. There were many interesting projects, and I didn’t get to play with them all. I did get to work a bit on the Lunar Lander from last year, and this year … Continue reading

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Computing Large Determinants in Python

Story: For my seminar work, I had to calculate the determinant of a large integer matrix. In this case, large meant n>=500. You might say that this isn’t very large and I would agree. However, it is large enough to … Continue reading

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Fractal Memory Usage and a Big Number

In a previous post I said I’d talk about 4**(4**(4**4)). First, about the number. I first saw it mentioned in a math lesson back in high-school, when the teacher wanted to demonstrate estimation abilities. He wrote it on the board, … Continue reading

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First Code Transformation: Removing Flag Computations

Short introduction to code transformations If you intend to write a decompiler, you’ll find yourself writing code transformations. In our context, code transformations are operations that take as input an expression tree, and return an equivalent but different expression tree. … Continue reading

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Issues in Writing a VM – Part 2

Writing a VM capable of executing expression trees is different from writing a VM for executing assembly instructions. Here I’ll cover several issues stemming from this difference. The first group of issues involve generality. Supporting a specific instruction set is … Continue reading

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Two Mathematical Bugs

A few days ago, I discovered I had at least one, maybe two mathematical bugs. The first bug is in the line clipping algorithm. Here’s a quick reminder of what’s going on there: There are six points of interest: the … Continue reading

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Rhyme and Reason with Python

After reading xkcd’s blog, I went to It looks and works just like, but for limericks. Quite amused with some of the limericks available, I wanted to try and compose my own. The first one came out fine, … Continue reading

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Small Python Challenge No. 2 – LRU Cache

Caching is easy. Consider the cache I used to optimize the recursive spring: class _NotInDict(object): pass _NotInDict = _NotInDict() def cached(func): cache = {} def wrapper_func(*args): prev_result = cache.get(args, _NotInDict) if prev_result is _NotInDict: result = func(*args) cache[args] = result … Continue reading

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Optimizing the recursive spring

Remember the recursive spring? Well, when I worked on it, it was quite slow. I mean very slow. Especially at the higher levels. The original reason was the recursion. Consider this – to ‘springify’ a track, you had to sample … Continue reading

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